Happy Friday!

So my little family and I just got back from our first family road trip and it was a success! I know right? How can it be so successful with a toddler?! Well, lets just say, we drove 5 hours before our first stop… and it was because of Brian and I. The babe was all snuggled back in her carseat just hangin’ out!

Packing- I am known to be a last minute packer. I think I do better under pressure? I must say though, packing is one of the things I hold off doing until the very last minute because of all the things i’ll need before we leave for a trip. When I was packing Babes things I knew I needed to have separate things outside of her suitcase (extra clothes, wash cloths, wipes, diapers, ect.) For a 20 hour drive I had to set myself up for what ifs. Kids are messy in general but to be in a car and a carseat for that long… I needed to be prepared for anything! HACK: I packed a few of the essentials in a basket - clothes, wash cloths, water bottle, wipes, diapers - things I could grab instantly. I just tucked the basket behind the passenger seat and let me tell you, that was the smartest thing I could’ve done.

Pit stops- We decided along the way that when we would stop we would try to find a plaza or stores we can walk around in that way we can burn little ones energy. Traveling with a toddler we didn’t want to have a time frame of arrival nor did we want to clock how long we were stopping for. It was so fun to watch her roam around and less stressful for us knowing she was happy.

Location- So we planned a few months back that we wanted to take our first family vacation to the Carolinas. Brian really wanted to road trip so I said, heck why not? Well, a week before we were about to leave, there was a hurricane that hit near the location we were going to. - Shout out to anyone in or has family in the Carolinas, thinking of you all! We wanted to wait it out to see if there was any damage or anything that would change our plans. Sure enough, a few days before we were supposed to leave, I decided to check our location and map out our directions and of course, a few of the roads we were supposed to take were closed. Brian and I then both decided to cancel our trip. Like i said, we had this planned for months which meant, we took the time off work. Well, in the back of my head- the entire time we planned this trip- I really wanted to see my sister and her family (they are 3 hours from where we were planning on going). Guess we were meant to visit my sister and her family! I reached out to my brother in law and asked if we could come surprise my sister, the kids, and my grandparents (who were also visiting them). The cancelation of our trip happened on a Sunday. We were to leave that following Wednesday (lol).

Arrived- Wednesday arrived and 20 hours later we got to my sisters. My sister and I share location and because we were surprising them I had to shut it off. Of course, she texted me saying she was worried and couldn't track me (lol). She texted me literally as we turned on her street, “Sister, did you make it ok? I cannot see your location!” (with the crying emoji) I walk into her house not even 5 min after her text, “We made it safely!” Then of course, we walked into the room my grandparents were in, and came the tears from my grandma… grandpas first reaction, “what are you doing here?” lol, can’t help but laugh.

We had the best time!

see you soon!


Genievie Pingul