First floor remodel

Hi everyone!

Happy Tuesday! I know everyone knows me for all hair and makeup things but to be honest, one OTHER thing I also love is remodel, decor and rearranging things! In my family they call it the “curse of my Grandmother” as she loves to rearrange her house once a week. Loves all decor and of course anything that has to do with home improvements. I guess its not a curse but they call it that because once a week things change, lol. The upside of all this is, when Brian comes home from work it’s like coming home to a new house!

We are ALMOST done with our first floor remodel (mostly kitchen and floors) and i’m sure for anyone who has done one of these they know the feeling of joy, lol. Brian and I moved into our home almost 6 years ago and we loved the entire layout of our house. The one thing we weren’t loving was the outdatedness of everything. Finally, after years of going back and forth on what kind of look we wanted, questioning if we wanted to stay in this house long term, etc… we bit the bullet and decided, why not? Let’s finally make this house a home.

Once we chose the contractor and electrician the remodel went fairly quickly. We had a vision. We wanted clean and classic. I’m surprised we agreed on… EVERYTHING! Crazy right? Every Sunday we would pick out our details. Choosing the granite was one of my favorite things to do.

Now having the first floor pretty much done, I can’t wait to redecorate! We have yet to paint the house but because I can be so indecisive this may take a little longer. It only took 5.5 years to do the kitchen and flooring, lol.

just a few more kinks and our first floor will be just how we want it!

For anyone in the Chicago land area:

Contractor: C&C Construction and Management

Electrical: Brightfield Electric, Inc.

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